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Adding multiple recipes to post

Once you’ve added your first recipe to the post, you can display additional recipe cards by “embedding” an existing recipe from another post, or by making a new embedded recipe. This quick tutorial shows you how to do both easily.

To embed an existing recipe from another post,

  1. Click the Add Recipe button
  2. Click the Find Recipes tab
  3. Type in the post title or recipe name in the search field and click Go
  4. Next to the results list, click the Insert to post link as shown below

If you want to embed a new recipe that you haven’t written yet,

  1. On the Find Recipes tab, click New Recipe
  2. You will be taken to a new browser window or tab to create a new post for your recipe. Your recipe data are tied to your post, so you need to save a new post as Draft or Private.
  3. Enter the title of your new recipe, and under the Publish panel, click on Visibility: Public (edit) link. Check the option for Private and click OK. Click Update.
  4. Once your new post is created, click Add Recipe and fill out the fields as you normally do. Then Save Recipe.
  5. Go back to your main post, and under the Find Recipes tab, repeat the steps #3 to #4 on embedding existing recipes to your post.

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