Filterable Recipe Keys

If you deal at all with any type of food that may be an allergen such as dairy or gluten, or more so specialize in recipes that are free of these ingredients, your readers will love our filterable recipe keys which will help them quickly identify whether your recipes are ok for them to make.

Sort & identify

With A Simple Glance

We've made it extremely simple for you to integrate these filterable recipe keys into your food blog, with easy to use options for setting up and displaying them in a spot that will be simple for your viewers to access.

You can quickly and easily tag your recipes with things like 'Gluten Free' or 'Nut Free' to help readers with potential allergens find the recipes that are best for them or steer clear of potential allergens.

More than that, readers can also click on the recipe key icons to quickly bring up a list of all of your posts that meet the criteria, so viewers with special dietary needs can find the recipes that are best for them in an instant.

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