Lifetime Guarantee

We can't stress the importance of this enough, because we feel it's one of the most important components so many people deserve but aren't getting. With Simple Recipe Pro, we've got you covered.

We're committed,

In Good Times & In Bad

The marketplace is filled with people who try to make a quick buck by putting out a plugin and hope to lure in some customers, then just abandon supporting it when times get tough, but you're not going to find that here.

Simple Recipe Pro is a labor of love for us, which means that no matter what we'll stand behind our craftsmanship for life. You deserve the security of knowing the software that powers your food blog is going to be there for you through the good times and the bad.

So What Does This Mean For Me?

You've got a lifetime guarantee from us that we'll be here to support and warranty Simple Recipe Pro for the rest of eternity. It sounds serious, because it is.

No matter whether you have an issue stemming from a new version of WordPress in the year 2030 or just a simple conflict from a new plugin you installed, you can reach out to us at any time and we'll be here to make sure you're well taken care of.

On top of this, we'll guarantee you that the price you pay for Simple Recipe Pro will never go up. It doesn't matter how many new features we add, we want you to know that we value you and we'll never hold anything back from making Simple Recipe Pro the absolute best product you've ever been a part of.

Our Promise To You

No Cookie Cutters

You won't be getting cookie cutter features, each one will be designed to ensure it works with your site, and matches your personal style.

Full Support

We stand behind our work, so each update will always be fully tested and guaranteed to work with your theme and your plugins.

Consistent Updates

In order to make sure you always have the best and most secure plugin, our development team will be releasing updates each month or sooner if necessary.

No Hidden Costs

There will NEVER be any hidden costs or surprise upcharges here.  We believe that you deserve the absolute best, and shouldn't be held hostage for it.