Recipe Index

One of the most commonly requested features is a beautiful and functional recipe index to help showcase your recipes and help your readers find them, so we've built it in to Simple Recipe Pro, just for you.

We'll help you

Find What You're Looking For

You've spent a long time building up an arsenal of great recipe posts, so you deserve a simple and functional way to showcase them for your readers to help captivate their attention and bring them deeper into your site.

We've built our recipe index to be incredibly simple to use and setup, and added in ever more advanced features for you to be able to customize the number of posts, post categories, and so much more.

Our Promise To You

No Cookie Cutters

You won't be getting cookie cutter features, each one will be designed to ensure it works with your site, and matches your personal style.

Full Support

We stand behind our work, so each update will always be fully tested and guaranteed to work with your theme and your plugins.

Consistent Updates

In order to make sure you always have the best and most secure plugin, our development team will be releasing updates each month or sooner if necessary.

No Hidden Costs

There will NEVER be any hidden costs or surprise upcharges here.  We believe that you deserve the absolute best, and shouldn't be held hostage for it.