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SEO For Food Bloggers

SEO is such an interesting subject, mostly because there are so many different opinions on what it means or what the actual best approaches are. Fortunately for you though, there is a right answer, and it's built into Simple Recipe Pro. However there are some additional steps you can take to make your food blog as attractive to Google as possible, so let's outline those for you here.

Name Your Files Appropriately

If you are including featured images, images or videos inside your post, or any other types of media inside your recipe post, make sure the files are named properly.  Most people disregard this step as unnecessary, and leave default file names, but renaming your files before uploading them is a simple and effective step you can take.  For example, if you are uploading a recipe about 'cauliflower rice' to your blog and are trying to target that keyword to rank highly for, then make sure you include this keyword in your images, so they would be something like 'cauliflowerrice-overhead.jpg'.

Watch Your Page Speed

Something a lot of food blogs suffer from is page speed, mostly due to either poor hosting or using huge images.  Having a quick loading site is something that is not only beneficial for your visitors but also for your website ranking, as search engines like ranking sites higher that provide better user experiences to visitors.  If you aren't sure what your page speed is, you can check it with Google's PageSpeed Insights tool.

Social Signals Are Super Important

It should be no secret that search engines want to rank the sites that most people are looking for at the top of the results, and one of the biggest factors they are looking at currently is social signals, meaning how many people are social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) are talking about your website. One of the simplest things you can do to improve this is make sure you have good clear social sharing options on your site to encourage people to share your links, and also, don't be afraid to flat out ask them!

What Else Can You Do?

Apart from these three items, there are some more action items you can take, but they usually are going to be case by case specific as each website will require different things to out rank it's competition.  We'd be more than happy to speak with you on this so don't be shy to chat with us and ask for some help!


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