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What To Do With Your Old Posts

One of the biggest questions you may face as a food blogger is what to do with your old posts you wrote a couple years ago that need an update?  Most of the time it's because your skills as a food photographer have upgraded since then so looking at those old, poorly lit photos on your blog just makes you cringe.

But you don't want to just repost them because then you'll have duplicates, you can't just swap the photos because most people won't be going backwards to view them, and you don't want to remove the old post and put up a new one because you'll lose the social links you had going to the old one, so what to do?

Our best recommendation for dealing with updating old posts is this:

  1. Go to the original post and swap out the old photos for the new ones
  2. Add a little note at the top of the post stating (Photos just updated - read more about the update here!) or something to this effect and link to the post you'll be writing in the next step.
  3. Write yourself a roundup post talking about your evolution as a food blog, your most popular recipes (the ones you just updated), and then link to those posts.

Doing this will do a few things for you.

Firstly, it will allow you to add some relevant inner page links from new content to old content, helping to keep it fresh and relevant.  Secondly, from an SEO perspective it will help keep all the original power of the social signals going to the old post, and also help to add some relevance and freshness to it coming from the new inner page links you just added.

After dealing with this issue quite a bit, this is the best solution we've come across.  If you have any more ideas on the matter, or questions on how to do this on your blog don't be shy to leave them in the comments!

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